Compassion Corner

Coupons for Military Personnel
Please bring your unused coupons to the Compassion Corner for distribution to our troops and their families. Coupons can be for food and non-food items, but not for restaurants or stores. Coupons do not need to be individually cut out, so you can bring your flyers and simply drop them in the designated area. Military personnel can use coupons in their commisaries and Px's on base up to 6-months after the expiration date.

Mt Meru Coffee
NEW Single Serve Coffee Available!

Mt. Meru now carries single serve coffee that works in Keurig-type coffee makers! They also have flavored coffee: French Vanilla - Hazelnut - Butter Pecan - Chocolate Raspberry
The Mt. Meru Coffee project was organized to create a justice-based relationship between coffee farmers in Tanzania and coffee consumers of the USA. It brings together a fair price for the farmers and a quality coffee for consumers.

Your purchase and consumption of Mt. Meru Select Tanzanian coffee is the singe-most importaint way in which individuals like you and congregations like Redeemer can support and become a part of the relationship in this project supporting thousands of small farmers in Tanzania.

12 oz. bag $10
4 lb. bag $45

Check the basket under the compassion table for what we have in stock. Order forms are also available - place your filled out form and payment in the office mail slot.

Prayer Chain
If you would like to join the Prayer Chain and be included in our email prayer chain group, please provide your email address to the church office and we will add you to our Prayer Chain distribution list.
If you have a concern you would like lifted up in prayer, feel free to submit it to our prayer chain. Our dedicated members will help pray. Prayers will continue for 2-weeks. If continued prayer is desired, please submit an updated prayer request. There are several ways you can submit a prayer request:

1. Fill out a Prayer Request form (found in the church pews or in the church office)

2. Call or email the church office 892-7431 or

3. Contact Pastor at 892-7431 or

ELCA Good Gifts Catalog
If you'd like to give a unique gift that can make a difference for someone in need, consider purchasing a gift from the ELCA Good Gifts catalog.

For more information, please visit