Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts Evaluation

Score each statement below to rate how well it expresses your own feelings or thought process:

  1. 0 = I do not feel or think this way at all
  2. 5 = Sometimes this reflects how I feel or think
  3. 10 = This is usually the way I feel or think

Note: Any question not answered will be scored as a zero.

      1.  Administration
0 5 10  
I have a good feel for what is most urgent and important and how to proceed to get something done.
I enjoy working up the details in an organized fashion to make things happen.
I have seen positive results from my efforts to involve others in the process of working together to fulfill a chosen mission.

      2.  Apostle
0 5 10  
It is natural for me to speak of my faith in non-church situations, and I feel drawn to look for opportunities to do so.
I am stimulated to share my faith experience with non-believers without discomfort.
Through my faith witnessing, I have brought other people to know of Christ's love for them.

      3. Craftsmanship/Artistry
0 5 10  
I believe I can show my faith through artistry or crafts.
I have received inspiration to glorify God through my artistic endeavors.
Others have provided feedback that my artistic or craft works have touched them in a spiritual way.

      4.  Discernment
0 5 10  
I am compelled to search for God's intent in the undertakings I encounter that we might follow His plan, rather than our own.
I have helped others determine the rightness or wrongness of certain possible actions by asking for God's guidance.
It is often very apparent to me whether a proposal under consideration is motivated by an intent to act according to God's plan or to follow lesser human interests.

      5.  Evangelism
0 5 10  
I have a strong desire to bring the riches of the love of Christ to those who do not yet know Him.
I look for ways to encounter nonbelievers with the hope that the Holy Spirit will work through me to bring them to Christ.
It is natural for me to tell nonbelievers how Christ brings daily joy into my life.

      6.  Exhortation
0 5 10  
I am drawn to people who are in need to bring them comfort, counsel and encouragement.
I have often been able to provide strengthening words of consolation in crisis situations to help those affected feel healed.
I have been used to encourage others to lead more Christian lives.

      7.  Faith
0 5 10  
I have experienced the Holy Spirit in my life and know that He works in the lives of others as well.
My faith is strong even in times of trial, and I realize that others have seen this as empowerment for me through difficulties.
I believe that God always gives us what we need and will astound us with His removal of obstacles when we seek to do His will, and I will take on naysayers when I know we are on His chosen pathway.

      8.  Giving
0 5 10  
I recognize that all we have comes from God, and feel especially called to respond through liberal giving.
I am able to manage my resources to give a large portion to support the work of His church.
I have a spirit of self-sacrifice to enable greater giving to the church and others in need.

      9.  Hospitality
0 5 10  
It is always a great joy and my heart swells with gladness when I open my home to visitors.
My home is often used as a gathering place for church-related team meetings or study groups.
Many people have affirmed my welcoming attitude and expressed a desire to come again.

      10.  Intercession
0 5 10  
God has responded to my prayers, and I know He hears my every prayerful plea.
I pray intensely and in doing so feel a connectedness with God that gives me much hope and peace.
I have been asked to pray for others, and His response always reassures me that needed healing resulted.

      11.  Knowledge
0 5 10  
I am at home in scripture as if it were a conversation with God, and this living Biblical word touches me anew all the time.
Although I cannot ever fully know God, I seek to learn what he will give me every day and hour of my being.
Through my Biblical learning, I have been able to assist others in their faith journeys.

      12.  Leadership
0 5 10  
I feel able to bring others along toward a chosen goal, and know that a good outcome will result for the good of all.
On more than one occasion, I have been asked to lead a group or organization.
Others recognize that my qualities as a leader always offers assurance that our desired outcome will be achieved.

      13.  Mercy
0 5 10  
I feel compassion for people in need, and that kindles in me a desire to provide acts of kindness to lift sorrowed spirits..
My heart cries out to provide food, shelter and comfort for those sorely in need, and it feels joy when I respond.
I realize that my ease in working with those that suffer is instilled within me in, perhaps, a unique way.

      14.  Music/Vocal
0 5 10  
I sense joy in my heart when glorifying God through singing.
I have felt God's lifting and empowering presence while performing vocal arrangements before groups.
Others have shown appreciation for being uplifted in their faith journeys through my singing.

      15.  Music/Instrumental
0 5 10  
I sense joy in my heart when glorifying God playing a musical instrument.
I have felt God's lifting and empowering presence while playing a musical instrument before groups.
Others have shown appreciation for being uplifted in their faith journeys through the playing of my instrument..

      16.  Pastor
0 5 10  
I have a desire to lead people forward on their spiritual journeys and to nurture their discipleship effectiveness.
I follow Christ's admonition to "feed my sheep" by providing spiritual guidance to an individual believer or group of believers.
I have a shepherd's instinct to care for the spiritual welfare of those whose souls are weary and in need of healing.

      17.  Service
0 5 10  
I enjoy doing tasks that support and help others minister more effectively.
I know that my labors behind the scenes help make the "crooked path straight" for a more effective overall church ministry.
I feel close to God as I help keep up His church to build further this ministry and bring other lives closer to Him.

      18.  Teaching
0 5 10  
I feel especially empowered to explain Biblical truth so that others can grasp its full meaning for them.
I feel compelled to share my faith experiences to encourage others in their faith pilgrimage.
I have had feedback that my way of explaining difficult concepts provided the insight needed for understanding.

      19.  Wisdom
0 5 10  
In the face of a difficult challenge, I am at ease in working out a solution that is sound and principled.
Others have approached me to assist in determining a solution to a personal issue based on what Jesus would do.
At times when the congregation seeks to take a better direction, my view is often sought.

      20.  Writing
0 5 10  
I have the ability to expound on an idea or thought and find written words to provide corresponding clarity and inspiration. 
I am stimulated in the act of writing and always find it to be an enjoyable endeavor.
I have had a positive response to my writing that it has been helpful to others in understanding spiritual matters.


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